Best Places to Visit in Italy

You are thinking of visiting Italy yet you have too many places in mind? Worry no more. You need to enjoy yourself in Italy, and it all starts with the choice of where exactly to visit. Here are some of the best places you should prioritize when you go to Italy.

1. Rome

You cannot choose to miss going to Rome while in Italy. It is well known as a historical and cultural powerhouse in the whole world. When you visit Rome, you will be privileged to see the Roman Empire since Rome is the center of Catholicism in Italy. It has the best restaurants which provide the best world cuisine. You can’t miss what to eat in Rome.

2. Florence

Florence is not that small town as you may be thinking. It is located in the middle of the scenic Tuscan Valley. The city is lined with beautiful avenues which lead to picturesque piazzas. Such is this place you should not miss. Just take some time and visit the Piazza Duomo where you can see the main church in the town. If you are attracted by natural feature, you will have a chance of seeing Amo River.

3. Venice

Venice is another excellent place to visit in Italy. There are very few cool places in Italy like Venice. It makes you have a relaxed visit far from the busy grand canals in Italy. The site is attractive with very nice restaurants. I guess if you visit Venice, you will forget about the troubles of life for sometimes. Who doesn’t want such an experience anyway!

4. Amalfi coast

Getting to this place is undoubtedly a trek but which is worth. Just relaxing along the coastal region feeling the breeze is the best experience. Because this is a frequently visited region, you realize that it has some of the best restaurants in Italy. When you get there, you can eat what you feel like and have a break from everyday busy activities.

5. Tuscany

Are you tired of being in one place for too long during your visit to Italy? Tuscany is an additional place you should not miss. The location is not crowded. It is the most famous countryside in Italy. Getting there from the main towns is not difficult. It also has many first-class restaurants with an attractive landscape. During Halloween, they come up with really funny Halloween food names too!